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David Skudder

Professional Overview

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1983, David Skudder joined Continental Grain Company, a multi-national grain trading company headquartered in New York City. At Continental Grain, Mr. Skudder held various trading positions that provided him with a broad and lasting knowledge of global grain and oilseed production and trade flows. David’s responsibilities ranged from trading feed ingredients into domestic livestock markets to originating and arbitraging rail grain for the company’s numerous export programs.  

David joined Grain Services Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, upon his departure from Continental Grain in 1988. This firm provided transactional brokerage services for grain companies and the origination and trading of USDA PIK certificates. As an intermediary, David Skudder arranged trades and swaps between grain companies in the barge wheat market. David also was active in the PIK certificate market, connecting buyers and sellers throughout the country.

In 1989, Mr. Skudder joined Linnco Futures Group in Chicago, Illinois, located in the historic Chicago Board of Trade Building. As a commodity broker or Linnco he provided futures execution for commercial grain companies, food companies, and other agricultural entities.  

David departed Linnco Futures Group to manage the grain assets and merchandising activities of a Linnco client, Bruce Oakley, Inc., located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The company had river assets along the Arkansas river, was active in the Arkansas poultry feed markets, and had a robust grain trucking program. David’s tenure at Oakley was short as the position was designed to be temporary as Bruce Oakley transitioned to a new family member full-time merchandising manager.

In 1992, David relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, where he was employed by Sparks Companies mentored by Willard Sparks. David Skudder provided futures execution and research to commercial grain companies, food companies, and livestock companies.  Mr. Skudder would grow his business and become a top producer for Sparks Companies.  

Over the next 15 years, Mr. Skudder gradually transitioned from providing brokerage services and research to clients to speculative trading in the agricultural futures markets. In 2006, David became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.  

In his free time, David is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys upland bird hunting, duck hunting, shooting sporting clays, five stand, and skeet. David also enjoys fishing, skiing, and an occasional round of golf with friends.

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